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"Old  soldiers never  die. They  just  fade  away." These are the lines of a famous song which can personify the colorful existence of Kameradare.


From its birth in June 14,1980 until  this day, it has  multiplied, grown big & wide, produced seasoned photographers & happy faces. It has established school chapters such as: UST, Feati, PWU, TUP, Tahanan ng Mabuting Pastol, Emilio Aguinaldo College, Adamson U, Pasay East High School Kameradare & others.

Kameradare existed even before the 1980 club. Leo Pumanes, club adviser,  was   among its original members, so were Manny Goloyugo, Noli Yamsuan, Tito  Malimbiling & more.  It existed for a while then died a natural death. Kameradare resurrected when a group of photo hobbyists took up the 1980 summer course in basic & advance black & white photography sponsored by the Professional Photographers Association of the Philippines (PPAP). A culminating activity of the seminar was its graduation together with a photo exhibit at Philtrade. The participants then decided to organize themselves and called the union Kameradare.


Its main objective is to  foster camaraderie through photo sessions, exhibits, interacts with its school chapters, engage in on-the-spot photo hunting trips, honors its top photographers during its annual  awards night. Kameradare has travelled to almost all the nooks & corners of the country from Batanes, up north to Mindanao, down south. Name it & Kameradare has documented it. Some members have engaged themselves professionally in advertising, portraiture, photojournalism, digital & graphics photography.

It is  with  this  concept,  the  love &  passion for photography & the undying camaraderie among its members that we hope our history will evolve through greater boundaries far & beyond.


Kameradare Who? by: Oochie A Chirico


let me walk you down memory lane
do you remember their pictures
or even the photographer's name?

some have stayed, some did go
and for others...I will never know

there's tiny
Kitty and Raul who's tall
big belly
Benjie and Richard who's small

Tommy Tan and Edwin Yu
do you know whatever happened to the two?

oh yes,
Mrs.Uy is still around
whenever there's a reunion, she can be found

Simon, Boy & Mr. Lirio they used to be active
and so was

& there's
Kailash who's so hairy
he's like a werewolf, but not as scary

Marilou & her sidekick mommy
and so is
CSAngeles and her sidekick daughter
that's me,

& there was a troubled ex-prexy named
who used to follow me wherever I go

Jun, William & Victor they were ex-presidents too
all topped the ranking score
can these all be true?

but there's only one muse, one First Lady
and that is you,
Mrs. Neri

a decade or two may have gone by
first, second or third maybe even fourth generation members
don't ask me why

shall we do a roll call for old time's sake
please correct me if I ever make a mistake

Noel Aban, Jerry Tan, Edith Santos & Ed San Juan
they were all part of the so-called
"Mafioso Clan"

Alan Truelen plus Romy
Marc Magno (with a little emphasis on the "C")

Alfred Tiu & Thelma T
Victor's true love, who else could it be?

don't worry
Philip, I haven't forgotten you
plus there's
Butch, Myk, Rey & Phoebe
and of course
BF (Paul) too

Jun Yap, Rod & Nona
does anyone remember
Danny Cura?
Mr. Landingin & Ted Unson, they all belong to the first generation

Rose Sia, Mrs. Sotto, Lyndon & Andrea Tan
not to forget to mention,
Jerry Tan!

oh yes, there was
Oca Bathan & Mohanad Qadan
who went back to Palestine and is now a family man

& so the list goes on & on...
so many faces, so many are gone

we still have to include
two of our advisers
the scrutiny, the criticism
that made us a bit wiser

so now you know who & who were part of this troop
the rest of us are still somehow active through our online group

but maybe somehow, someone will stay
and will continue the legacy
of K A M E R A D A R E


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